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How to get on Dales Radio

There are lots of ways Dales Radio can help our local community:

  • Publicising an event
  • Promoting a charity or good cause
  • Running an appeal for support or fundraising
  • Highlighting a local issue or a news story

If you've got something you want to tell us about so we can help promote it for you let us know!

You can email the details to us - studio@dalesradio.co. 

Send us a message via our social media - we are on Facebook, Instagram and X, formerly Twitter.

Contact one of our Community Ambassadors. There's one near you right across the Dales.  They will be able to help you and make sure you are heard.  

Meet our Ambassadors

Here are just some of the people in our team who can help you:

Settle - The Community and Business Hub in Commercial Courtyard.  You can call in here anytime during office hours, record interviews and drop off information about events.   Jo Rhodes manages this facility you can email jo at hub@settlecommunityandbusinesshub.org.uk.  When the Hub isn't available you can always go to the Quaker Meeting House where we have a drop-off point again operated by Jo.

Hawes - The Market House in Hawes and the Library – Abbie Rhodes is general manager of the Upper Dales Community Partnership and from her base in the Market Place, she provides access to Dales Radio if you live in Hawes, Gayle or surrounding villages.  You can contact Abbie via email - abbie@udcp.co.uk.   By telephone on 01969 667400  or drop in - Office hours are 9:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

Ingleton – Jayne Lis at Ingleborough Community Centre.  You can contact Jayne via email-  jlis@hotmail.co.uk contact the centre on 015242 41701 or pop in when the centre is open.

Sedbergh -  Carole at Sleepy Elephant  41 Main Street Sedbergh LA10 5BL is where you can drop off information for broadcast.    Call Caraole on 01539621770    info@thesleepyelephant.co.uk
Opening times; Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat 10am – 3pm Sun, 12pm – 4pm.  Extended hours in Summer.

Kirkby Stephen - Sandy Lancaster operates our new access point here.  Sandy is a local Councillor, Chair of the Business Forum and a business owner.  Sandy operates our remote studio access point in Kirkby Stephen.

Leyburn - Leyburn Arts Centre.  Johnathan is our community ambassador here - contact him via jonathan@dalesradio.co

Charley Cudworth covers Middleham and Wensleydale.  You can get hold of Charley on 07885773815 or email her at charley@ahtransport.co.uk  

If you would like to become an ambassador for Dales Radio, please get in touch - email info@dalesradio.co

Record it yourself


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You can record a piece yourself simply using your smartphone and sending it to us either via social media or emailing it to studio@dalesradio.co  Smartphones come with a voice (memo) recorder - use this app to record your message.  Alternatively, simply record your message as a note in Facebook Messenger and send it to us.

Tips for making a good recording

Please just send over a recording on your phone and we’ll do the rest. Here’s some pointers:

  • Just write down some bullet points – it makes it easier to record and sound more natural.
  • If you make it in short sentences with the last one being your call to action – e.g. email us or go to the website, we will then tidy it up for you 
  • Choose a nice quiet room with little echo (near curtains is good!). 
  • Use voice recorder or voice memo on your phone, depending which phone you have, but any recorder will do. 
  • Relax and smile!
  • Just talk normally and you’ll create an honest and credible piece
  • Don’t worry if you leave gaps between each bit – we can tighten it up so it comes together well. 
  • Save it in the default format – whatever it is, we can convert it.   
  • Forward the file via email to studio@dalesradio.co

Our team will tidy it up and edit if necessary to make it sound great!


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